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WE DO NOT RAISE HIGH content Wolves so please understund that the below experience we have had over the past 11/12 years is in raising low/medium content Timber Wolf and White Arctic Wolf/mixed with the SIberian Husky.We do not raise them any differant than we do our Purebred Siberian Huskies we do not feed them any differant and we do not raise them to be aggressive or protective only outgoing, friendly, social,playful and loving and they have grown up with our two young children since our youngest was 1 years old.....Owning a wolf/husky is truly a great experience Mixing them with the Siberian Husky I have found is a great mix. As I love our Siberian Huskies, I have found that the wolf mix is better behaved and more loyal than my Siberian Huskies are. They are more mild (less hyper and high strung) than the husky is. They are more loyal meaning they do not always welcome every stranger that comes over like the husky does. They are truly a joy. But with owning one comes great responsability and an understanding of them as well and like the Siberian Husky they are most certainly not for everyone. They are a lot like the Siberian Husky in many aspects. They have a need to run off if left in an open yard so they must have a very secure fenced in area that is their own. They must have the companionship of another dog as they do run in pacts if not you must be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy with your wolf/husky.They will kill all small animals including cat's this is their nature.They will do fine with a cat or cats if introduced as a puppy and raised with the ones in thefamily already but not if a new cat comes into thefamily when the wolf /husky is older. They are great with children if raised with them. I have 2 kids myself and both my son and daughter spend a great deal of time with all our huskies and our wolf/huskies I trust all my huskies with my kids but again this is my experience and I would suggest that if getting one and having kids that they spend a great deal of time with them,socialize them so that they form a great bond.This is including you the adult The wolf husky is very very smart and would love to be the Alpha over you if you let him or her you must let them know who is boss. They are very trainable given patience and time and started at a very early age.Several of our pups have been adopted and trained for search and rescue... They shed their coats twice a year just like the husky does. Again Our wolf huskies are alot like our huskies ( As we are mixing the Siberian Husky with the wolf content) Our low content 35% wolf puppies are more like the Siberian Husky but some of the wolf traits come out more in some puppies. Our Higher content pups 50-60% and can be of coarse more like a wolf as they are more wolf and a smaller content is the Siberian Husky. The higher content wolfs can be timid of strangers people they are not used too. They are not really aggressive unless they feel you their famlily or they themselves feel threatened. They are more Timid afraid and would rather  stranger's just leave them alone. They are not timid with their family they love attention, love to play and cuddle and are true companions. The higher content's will pace a lot this is somthing I notice between my huskies and wolf huskies. And they love to talk to you in a howl like manner this is very fun.
They are really not loud most of the time you do not even know they are there.
They do have distinct howls letting you know if somthing is wrong if someone is around that should not be or if someone or somthing is hurt. Or if there is a small animal around that they would like to get too. And just their playing voice as well.
They should have plenty of shade and water. Like the husky some love the water and some do not. (To Play In ).I feel blessed having  them be apart of our family and being able to have a special unique bond with each and every one of them they are all differant and special to me in their own way's and they are purfect to me and for our family. But may not be for everyone.
But to the right family they are truly a wonderful experience. and a friend for life.
This information is based on our own 65% to 70% wolf huskies we have had in our own family.
The lower content 35% wolf huskies are more like the Siberian Husky in most things but some of the wolf traits will come out in certain puppies. Some of our families have gotten a purebred husky from us as well as a wolf/husky and they also notice that their wolf/husky is better behaved than their purebred husky and they have had great experiences with them as well as we have. Wolf/huskies form such a close bond with their families that it is important to realize they do not do well if having to be rehomed as they get older as you are everything to them and if this is needed later in life they could die of heartbreak of loosing their family. So please keep this in mind.
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