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Here are a few pictures of my babies.
Sasha is the white female; she is the
one we "adopted" from you. I can't
believe she is almost a year old
already. She is so beautiful; I get
compliments on her wherever we go.
The red/white male is Cayenne, Sasha
beats up on him all the time, it's pretty
funny. Well, thanks for checking in on
us. Take care.
Gingi a red and white wolf husky
Hi, I am glad to have checked this unused e-mail
box. I will send you pictures of Gingi, meaning
readhead or Blondie in Hebrew and Arabic, next
week. He is a true joy. He has a fabulous, happy,
and active life, lives on one acre in Santa
Barbara, goes out everyday with his best friend
Athena who is a eight year old pure bred husky,
and he is now packaging for a 200,000 plus unit
"dog park" product orders for next years holiday
season distribution to Kohl's, Target, JcPenney
and more. I attached some sample Jpeg photos
that were used on the packaging until I can send
some more pictures.
It has been interesting to see what a great difference there is between pure bred huskies and
wolf mixes. Gingi is very social, attached and less willful than Athena. I love them both dearly
and rest assured the "little man" is well taken care of. I would love to have his pictures on your
website. He is a truly beautiful dog. I will send you more pictures later this week.
Best, Jennifer
      Sasha a white wolf husky
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Hey Heather, This is Lisa my brother and I purchased two huskies from you about 1
yr. ago, Ariel a red and white wooly coat born March1 to Tundra and Keeta and
my brother purchased Haylee a black and white standard coat from India and
Tundra. I just wanted to let you know that these 2 rambunctious dogs have
completly transformed our lives for the best. They both have made our lives so much
more fulfilling and full of happiness and joy. They are extremly well taken care of
and spoiled. My mom and aunt who have never been pet owners have completly  
love with them they are costantly cuddling them and buying them treats. They have
definatly become valued members of our family. Attached are pictures of Haylee
and Ariel with I and my brother in the snow. Hope you enjoy. Lastly I am definitely
looking into getting another husky in the future from you so I hope you are still
around I'm talking about in a year or so from now.
Hi, Heather,  Well Koda turned a year old today and just wanted to send you and update on our
sweet little boy. Koda is 57 pounds, but our vet thinks he will still be gaining a few pounds. He is
our little child and boy does he know it! He is so smart and he knows how to get what he wants.
We tried to create a list of words that he knows and we are up to 42, but he is still learning more
every day. We moved to Seattle Washington in July and he is loving this colder weather.We took
him to the snow for the first time a couple weeks ago and he was like a kid in a candy store. He
didnt want to go home.We have him in agility classes and is such a fast learner, but he loves
jumping over rails and running through tunnels. Every where we take him we get nothing but
compliments, they love his colorings and markings but above all they love his personality. Our vet
told us on more than one occasion that we are not allowed to get another husky because we are
so spoiled by him. He is so laid back and well behaved ; but we keep telling them we want him to
have a playmate one day. I keep looking at the new batch of puppies you have and the are so
adorable! I hope you and your family are doing well. We will definitely let you know when we are
ready for another puppy !   Koda , Jeff and Taryne    12/20/2011
Koda a male Akc Siberian Husky Thank you Jeff and Taryne for giving Koda a wonderful Family
                                         12/20/11 From Bandit and Sierra Litter
Koda a male Akc Siberian Husky Thank you Jeff and Taryne for giving Koda a wonderful Family
                                         12/20/11 From Bandit and Sierra Litter
Christy Lovig My Axel is extremely
protective of me, more than any other
breed of dog I've had. If he's unsure of
someone who is approaching me, he will
stand between me and that person while
he assesses the situation. A big teddy
bear with anyone he knows, but
definitely timid around newcomers and
very intuitive! He takes good care of his
family! Also, he is smart as a whip - you
can see it in his eyes, he's very
calculating. He has figured out how to
open doors, unlatch windows, break into
food containers and he helped himself to
the contents of our freezer after
somehow figuring out how to open that!
Love him!