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This is some helpful information about what I have learned from our own huskies and hopefully this will
help you in deciding if the Husky is the right breed to add to your family. The Siberian Husky is a very
beautiful dog breed. They are known for theire beautiful piercing blue eyes. They come in a ton of differant
colors, the most common being the Black and white. They have all differant kind of markings.They also do
not just have there blue eyes. They can have green, brown, or have bye eyes this is actually very common
one eye one color and the other blue.They shed theire coats twice a year and they shed a bunch and be
prepared for it too last a few weeks even if you are brushing daily. They will look differant twice a year as
well they may be black and white part of the year and the other part black and white with a tint of red in the
coat as well. They keep themsleves fairly cleaned and groomed it is really not necassary to take them to the
vet but you should brush them weekly. Their coat lengths vary as well they can be short haired, med. long
and woolie coated too. They have very sensative stomachs they need to be kept on a steady diet and never
given table scraps of any kind. or they will have diareah.They should not be over fed either as this could
cause hip dysplasia. They love to run and are very very smart they should always be kept on a leash while
running them or walking them. And they have to have a secure fenced in area that is there own the area
should be at least 6 foot high and made to where they cannot dig out of from underneath. They do love to
dig and can be destructive. They can be house dogs and trained but they are very stubborn and have minds
of their own and should be started on training classes as early as possible. Some love water and some do not
the Husky I find all have differant personalities and for the most part they are very friendly and outgoing but
some can be timid and also a bit protective of there families tho this is very rare.
They are a pact breed and need a ton of attention and do best having a playmate this is the smartest way to
go if wanting to own a Husky this keeps them happy and out of unwanted mischief for the most part. The
Husky gets along with all dogs small or big. They will however kill small animals like birds, squirrels, rabbits,
mice and snakes and cats too. If you raise a Husky as a puppy with your cat or cats they will be fine with
them. The Husky thrives in colder weather of coarse but does fine in very warm weather as well the Husky
is the only breed that produces a natural chemical under their coat that will cool them down. You do not
want to take advantage of this you still should have planty of water and shade for him or her too.A Husky is
not for everyone they are very smart and hyper and have a ton of energy and for some, them having to have
a secure fenced in area for their own safety is a turn off. Not all Huskies are hyper and high strung some of
my own are very mellow and laid back but agian I think that they all have their own unique personalities.
Some of mine get along great with each other all the time male or females where some of them do not this
goes for the females mostly they need to be seperated from each other during their heat cycles not all but I
have found it is best this way.
If getting two it is better to get a male and a female. But I do have several families that have gotten all
females or all males and say that they get along great all the time.
Female Huskies get about 45 to 55 pounds and Males get around 50 to 70 pounds.
Females tend to be a bit calmer and more cuddlers than the males but this is not always the case either.
The Males are a bit more hyper they love to rough house and play around a bit more than the females.
The Husky is considered a medium sized breed. Their health concerns would be cataracts in the eyes and
hip dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia can happen in any breed being a medium or large sized breed and happens later
in life if not excersized enough or is over fed. If hip dysplasia is diagnosed early on in their lifes this is most
likely heriditary. They do not really eat a lot they are a breed that really eats only once a day and about 3
cups this is after they turn 1 year old.  I hope I have been helpful in describing the Siberian Huksy. For
myself I love the breed I find spending time with them rewarding and challenging yes but they are very
affectionate and beautiful smart dogs and they also do wonderful with children as they love all the attention
and playing together and adore the love as well. Huskies love to run so if you are a runner they will be in
heaven. Our huskies eat Dog food based with Chicken, Rice and Vegetable we find this to be the best one
that they all have seemed to agree upon
and like and also they have nice soft coats as well and are very healthy.
We use a very good supplement Puppy Gold when our Mothers are nursing for the 1st 6 weeks or so this I
have found has helped a great deal and with the puppies too. And our Mothers aslo are given puppy food as
this has more nourishment.  Our huskies are seen by our vet yearly and given health exams, vaccinated and
rabies she actually comes out to us now so that is great. We take our puppies into her office when they are 6
weeks of age for a full health exam, 1st set of vaccines and deworming prior to going home to their new
families. occasionly we will vaccinate a litter ourselves depending on the circumstances but most of the time
pups are seen by our Vet.
Some of our Huskies have strong Champion blood lines in their pedigrees and some of ours do not have as
strong as others. We are not a Show Kennel but we do produce Quality very healthy happy puppies and
most are Show quality pups that is why we offer open AKC papers .. We do not ever offer Stud service and
we do not house other peoples dogs or huskies we are a very small private family kennel that occasionly has

Overall Siberian Huskies are loving,gentle,playful, happy go lucky dogs who are fond of their families. Keen,
docile, social, relaxed and rather casual. This is a high energy dog, especially when young. Good with
children and friendly with strangers, they are not watchdogs, for they bark very little andlove everyone.
Huskies are very intelligent and trainable, but they will only obey a command if they see the human is
stronger minded than they are. If the handler does not dosplay leadership, they will not see the point in
obeying. training takes patience, consistency and an understanding of the arctic dog character. Huskies make
an excellent jogging companion, as long as it is not too hot. Huskies may be difficult to housebreak. This
breed likes to howl and does get bored easily. Does not do well if left alone for long periods of time and why
it is important to have daily excersize and lots of attention or a playmate to keep them from getting bored and
destructive.They are great with other animals if raised with them. They are thrifty eaters and eat a lot less
than you would think. Siberian Huskies can make wonderful companions for those who are aware of what to
expect from these beautiful and intelligent animals and whom are willing to put the time and energy into
I hope you have found this information to be helpful If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
and it is always a good idea to schedule a day and time and just come and see them in person so you are able
to see their living enviroment and also their personalites as well for yourself and tho we take a lot of pictures
they do not always do justice as they are so much more beautiful in person.
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