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Our wolf/husky pups are about 65% or Less Timber wolf and White Arctic with the rest
being Siberian husky and a little Alaskan Malamute.
These are not high content wolf dogs as Feather the mother does not have her litter in Spring
like a pure or high content female would. Feather the mother weighs about 80 pounds and is
very friendly and outgoing she loves almost everyone and is an attention hog I call her overly
Timber the father has Timber wolf with some husky and very little Mal he is about 90 pounds
He is very calm regal mannered and very watchful of people he does not know. He is a very
good dad he takes care of his pups and cleans them and keeps an eye on them.
Timber is my boy the bond that we have formed is priceless.

The wolf/huskies are calmer than purebred siberian huskies they are not as hyper and high
strung as the husky. They are very smart and very trainable some of our adoptive families
have trained theirs for search and rescue and therapy dogs.
The bond they form with their families is priceless they love being apart of the family and
inside with them and of coarse they need their playtime outside but it is important that your
yard be very secure with high fencing and no areas they can dig out from.
They are a pact breed and desire other dogs company and can do well with cats already
owned if raised with as a puppy. But those they are not familiar or raised with they can kill
and squirrels rabbits birds etc.
It is very important to train, socialize your wolf/husky so they do not become timid of people
they are not familiar with. What you put into these wonderful companions is what you will
get out of them. We do not raise for agressive behavior whatsoever. Our Wolf huskies do pay
very close attention to people, they read them well and when their behavior is not normal
then they are feeling like there is somthing wrong with whomever it is.
I love this about them and I listen and watch the way they react as I trust their judgment.
Wolf/huskies love their families so much and become so bonded that they can get seperation
anxiety so if you are always working and someone is not home most of the time it is best to
have a companion for him/her or adoption of one of these is not a good match for you.
They are great with children and again the bond they form is priceless and training and
socialization is very important.
They live to be about 12 to 15 years and owning one is a lifelong commitment as they are not
meant to be rehomed as they can die from heart break and seperation anxiety if taken away
from their family they will stop eating and drinking and mourn themselves to death.
And can also do this if they loose their dog companion.
Many of our adoptive families have come back and adopted their 2nd 3rd and even 4th from
us as they love this breed and some have adopted a purebred siberian husky from us and also
say the wolf/huskies are calmer, smarter and more loyal but of coarse they love their husky
jsut as much. Many of our adoptive families post frequently on our facebook page and are
more than happy to share their experiences in owning this lifelong companion.

Feeding we feed our wolf/huskies the same diet as our purebred Siberian huskies
dog food based Chicken rice and Vegetable
Shedding they shed twice a year like the husky but does not seem to be as long.
and they are very self cleaning and some Adore water.
We only raise one litter a year as we only have 1 breeding pair.