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Our policy and 2 year health guarantee Husky contract is as follows,
You must have a secure fenced in yard one that is at least 5 foot to 8 foot high and one that a husky cannot dig out from underneath of or
a kennel in order to adopt a husky from us. .This is a must for the safety of the husky. Before deciding to get a husky with us.  We
Require a non refundable deposit for an akc Siberian husky or for a wolf/husky a deposit to hold a spot in a current or future litter's your
balance is due in cash only when you pick your puppy up. The order your deposit was received will determine what pick of the litter you
are. We alway's have 1st option on all of our litter's. When it is your turn to pick you may pick from available pups or you may pass on the
litter and then your deposit is rolled over to the next upcoming litter and placed behind anyone else in front of you doing the same.. Your  
deposit does go towards the adoption amount of the puppy. We will keep your deposit active for two full years and in most situations
longer if situations come up beyond control like when pregnancies did not take or we have more males or females born frequently etc.  
And you always contact us when  litters are  being born when requested too. After two years your deposit has been active and you have
not chosen a pup and we have had what you are looking for several times in our litters and do not respond when in a timely manner or at
all when litters are born your deposit will be voided after 2 full years. If you have placed a deposit for two pups and your name is on our
list twice and you decide to only get one pup $150 of your second deposit will be applied to your balance on your first pup however the
other $150 is non refundable as you have taken two spots on our list making the wait list longer and we breed at times our females
knowing we have committed adoptive families . If we knew that families look around for other available pups elsewhere or no longer wish
to adopt from us we may have not bred a litter as we dont want to breed our females just to breed them. We want approved loving
committed families to us and our pups.Balance due on a puppy is due by cash only upon pick up of your puppy. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! .
Pick"s of the litter must be made no later than when puppies are 3-4 weeks old or date specified or time and date we set for you and
schedule !!!.And you Must contact us Within the 1st week and a 1/2  a litter is born letting us know you are aware the litter has been born
and if you are thinking of picking or passing when it is your turn or ifyou plan to pass on the litter you can let us know by email or call us
if we have not heard from you within the 1st week 1/2 of a litters birth we will pass your pick over and move onto the next family on the
list and your deposit will be rolled over to the next litter and you will no longer have option of the current litter. At this point we are not
asking you to make a pick we just want acknowledgement the litter has been born and if possibly you may or may not be interested if you
say yes you may be interested you are not committed to this litter just when date specified to make a pick when it is your turn at that time
you may choose to pick from available puppies or pass and have your deposit rolled over to next litter and so on until you get the puppy
you are looking for from us. Pick are normally done when pups are 3-4 weeks of age. Once your pick has been made your decision is
final  if you decide that you do not want the puppy later any money applied  is voided and will not be rolled over to another litter.
We email you when a litter is born and give picking order's and we also keep the web site and our facebook page updated weekly it is your
responsibility to view it and contact us.  We update the web site weekly and take plenty of pictures.When making a pick of the litter we
will help in any way that we can I am with the puppies daily and know there personalities and we want you to be happy with the choice
that you make. So if you cannot pick out your puppy in person rest assured we take pictures weekly so you can watch them grow and we
will help you out as much as we can in getting the puppy that is best for your family. Please keep in mind the puppies personalities develop
here in our enviroment and can change once adopted into your home enviroment and lifestyle all kind of changes kids, animals lifestyles are
all differant so you may see a differant personality come out of your pup and grow than what they exibited here in our home enviroment
this is all very normal .All of our puppies are started on a dewormer at 2 weeks old and weekly until they  go to their new homes, and also
given there 1st set of vaccines and given a full health exam by our vet and dewormed by the vet at 6 weeks old .At this time our vet will let
us know and give a written statement that pups are cleared healthy and ready to go home we will then call and schedule puppies pick up
dates when pups are 7-8 weeks old.. There may be times where we will vaccinate and deworm a litter of pups ourselves if our vet is too
busy or circumstances need be. It is your responsibility to continue these for the good health  of your husky. You have 3 business days to
take your new puppy to the vet for a full health and fecal exam we want the fecal to be tested for any parasites that dewormer may have
not taken care of and for Coccidia, and Giarrdia  as this is normal and common in small kennels and easy for the vet to give meds and clear
up within a week or so.We also reccomend that you use Frontline Plus on your new pet monthly ..we will need your receipt sent to us or
faxed to us within 5 business days after taking your puppy home for our 2 year hereditary health guarantee to be any good. If this is not
done then our health Guarantee will be voided. There is a lot of cost's  in owning a husky and taking care of them the right way it is very
smart to get pet health insurance for your new addition to help you out with these cost's.We do everything we can to assure that we are
sending home a healthy happy well scoiailized puppy to you. We do not refund any money for anything whatsoever. Your new puppy is
your responsibility and so are the vet bill's  ( Please note: It is normal for a puppy to have diarreah when it enters a new enviroment and
should subside once he or she feels comfortable with there new surroundings also stress can cause Coccidea in puppies and can be treated
by your vet that is why we ask you get a fecal exam done on your puppy during there health exam. This is very common in puppies) We
have a 1 year Hereditary health guarantee on our puppies starting on there birth date this is only good if you do what you are asked to do
please make sure to send us a copy within 5 business days of taking your puppy home of there full health exam.  You must take your
puppy in within 3 business days to your vet .Our 2 year Hereditary Health Guarantee is as follow's ,  Continued on page 2

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